A Spark of Magic hit my Membrane

A Spark of Magic hit my Membrane

Here I was lying down in my empiric white £2300 leather sofa, feeling sorry for myself, when it hit me.  I have been ill with a dreadful cold for almost a week, my body would not cooperate and I had tanks of things to do. Yet in the middle of all the negative feelings, a sparkle of silvery light splashed on my membrane from an unknown place to allow me to understand that even though there may be all sorts of limitations in our lives we can still find freedom, and you find freedom when you dare to believe in yourself and in the power of your dreams, when you realise that when you want it bad enough, you will make it happen. Obstacles won’t stand in your way any longer to paralyse you or put you down, but they will serve as platforms from which to push yourself forward and higher to new planes of self understanding and development.

 I do not claim to have all the answers or any answers; in fact I am still finding my way through the wilderness of my life. But with each milestone, with each wow moment, I get closer to recuperating myself one hundred percent and I would like to share with you. There are so many layers, and layers of me that I still don’t know or fully comprehend. Haunted by the mould society places on people, I thought to myself ‘there is something seriously wrong with me!’ but why did I think that? Well, precisely because I do not fit the mould – I seem to have broken all the moulds and find myself displaced into an ambiguous je ne se quoi. For many years (if I’m perfectly honest until very recently) I though I’M WRONG, I don’t have the normal lineal perfect life from the movies, after the accident and the emotional coma, when absolutely everything that I held dear and gave me some sort of “stability” was completely striped from me.  This stripping of the THINGs and PEOPLE I held treasured, was a rude awakening that helped me to realise my own temporarily. That nothing we have on this earth is eternal, that the people we love may change, die or cease to love us, this does not mean life is unfair, on the contrary, it means we must embrace life fully with open arms, it is OUR responsibility to live life to the fullest and to take each experience as an opportunity to unearth the grace and beauty that, lies inside all of  us.


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