The Creative Journey…

What is creativity?

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.— Isaac Asimov

There are many ways to describe creativity, just as there are many definitions for it. The word itself hints its own genesis. As the word suggests CREATIVITY  deriving from Creative & Creator. The Creative spirit dreams, imagines, thinks and feels outside the box. The  Creator brings to life something new, unheard of.  there have been many creators in history, men and women who thought differently, who felt differently and out of their essence brought about a work of profound beauty and art.

My passion is to write, to tell stories. I took a creative writing course at university and as part of my module I had to read a book called ‘The Creative Writing Coursebook’ by Julia Bell & Paul Mags. It is only now a year after that I am reading it and finding, according to the book, “my writer’s voice.” I would like to share with you my first exercise.

P4. ‘Write down five sounds that you can hear. Then list the things that you associate with those sounds. ‘ Here is what I came out with:

1. Voices in the corridor: remind me of all the family secrets left unsaid.

2. Water running: reminds me of the sea waves, of running wild and free near the beach.

3. Someone typing: It does not remind me of anything. But in my imagination it reminds me of all  the artists and writers, of all those struggling ununderstood  souls that wrote with tears and great pain, their novels, pamphlets and works of art.

4. The drier: It reminds me of work, of factory labour, of heavy laden and rigid work.

5. A swifty noise of cars outside: It reminds me of life, of opportunity, of freedom. Freedom to travel, to make choices, to make mistakes, to find yourself and lose yourself in the traffic of life.

Bell suggests that “these associations are unique, born out of individual experience; no one else has these particular stories to tell with these words. These associations and words are, very embryonically, the writer’s voice” I am finding me voice not just as a writer, but in life in general. Your birthright is to be a CREATOR, to create your own life. If you have a passion whether it is writing, dancing, embroidery, travelling or any other passion; pursuit it! don’t let your voice drown in the sea of opinions which are not your own, have the courage to stand up for your own believes and passions even if you are the only one standing in the room. All you need is the conviction of your own dreams, the determination to see them through, the imagination to lift your mind to a higher plain; and a will of steel. The will to stand strong and tall despite opposition and ridicule. Be the best that you can be and be happy with who you are.


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