The Thing is to Find out what’s Right for Oneself…

 A Myriad of Voices…      

From a young age we are told what to think, how to behave and what not to do. However, we are never told or encouraged to be ourselves. Growing up in a world where everyone from parents, teachers, priests and television, seem to know what is right for you, can be quite overwhelming.  If we go back to our childhood, to those moments of solitude and playful imagination we can easily remember our essence, that pure ingenious free spirit, that is then quite down by society’s voice of order and conform. As we grow up, slowly we lose our sense of wonder, our capacity to dream and choose our friends, and who to love freely. I don’t know if you have this saying in English but in Spanish there is a saying: “el primer amor nunca se olvida porque es sincero y verdadero.” “you can never forget your first love because it is honest and true.” something along those lines. That saying carries (like most sayings) an essence of truth, because when we are young and free we choose with our hearts, with that inner part of us that KNOWS what makes us happy. 

As we grow older, we lose ourselves in a myriad of voices which silence our inner voice. With the passing of time we forget who we really are, and what we want out of the short life we have on this earth. It may just be me, but I suppose I’m not the only one.

I find it so odd that there is so little, or no encouragement at all out there, that tells you or advises you “Be yourself!, listen to your heart! the answers are all inside you! you can do and be whatever you want to be!” NO those voices are not heard. But what you do hear is a chorus of voices from everyone telling you to be anything but YOURSELF. When I went to university for instance, I remember having ideas that I wanted to explore and discuss, however my professors seemed to have all the correct answers and know better than me and I seemed not to be entitled to my own opinion. One of the reasons why I love writing and writers is because you can express your thoughts and ideas shamelessly, without worrying about those critical voices.

I want to be completely FREE, I’m tired of being reduced to others opinions. Nicole Ward Jouve in “On Keeping a Diary” expressed that “Something whispered that whatever was valuable about me was who I was. I did not need to dance to the world’s tune.” Let’s hold on to our true selves, no-one can know what’s best for you, no one has the right to tell you which career path to follow, who to fall in love with, where to live, how you should look, what to wear or how to talk. Lets wake up!!! carve, mould, design, dream or invent! your life – It is yours to live.



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