On losing weight…

Monday 27th                         London                             February             2012

I am very sorry to report dear reader that I did not do any exercise on this day, neither did I practise yoga. As a matter of fact I had no sleep. I spend all night editing a video for media week. I know this is not an excuse, but I feel bad enough for not sticking to my plan.

Tuesday 28th                         London                            February             2012

Much of the same. I could not, or did not exercise or practise yoga, I’m feeling pretty bad for no living up to my expectations.

Wednesday 29th       London                     February                       2012

Finally! today I WAS able to exercise, no for an hour but for half an hour, I know it is not what I set out to do but whoever tells you changing is easy, is basically lying. Change IS possible by is not by any means easy. So here I am trying to stay committed to my pledge. I have to say: that half an hour of exercise felt  simply AMAZING! I could feel  the release of endorphins pumping through my blood from my brain, the cheer feeling of my body moving, changing with the rhythm of music; it felt great. And like anything that feels good, you want more of it. So I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s exercise or rather dance routine, I’ll try to push it to hour, and I will also try to do yoga. I really want to lose weight and feel my body again but I’m well aware it will take time and effort, and I will have to be patient and forgiven to myself.

Dear reader I did not want to let you down  or let myself down. All I ask is a little patience and understanding. Thanks for reading!!!! and enjoy life!!!!

Cardiac yoga sample exercise
I need to persevere
Cardiac yoga sample exercise
I need to Exercise

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