The Living Ghost….

Lost amongst the rubble of an old abandoned house lives a sad ghost. It carries inside the pain of a thousand deaths without consolation. The scars are so deep that in plain sight can be noticed. The village people had heard him cry once or twice but they don’t know that this sad, lonely ghost sits in remorse night after night, crying his loss. And wishing for someone to love.

Does he not know that is cursed? that upon his birth on that Tuesday morning, a cursed fell upon his head. It marked him like a hot invisible iron on his forehead. Death, pain, sorrow and despair followed him all the days of his life. There was no cure to be found, he was cursed.

“It hurts, please! please! someone help. I can’t take the pain any more!” cries the sad ghost……..

But no one can hear him, he is all alone with his pain.

“HOw Many times I have tried to get out, to make good, to be happy and whole but I can’t, oh God I am trapped.”


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