On Losing Weight & Conquering.

Conquering oneself is the hardest enterprise  attainable. Although it should be the easiest because the monitoring and improving of oneself is a job only one can do, nevertheless it seems to be the hardest job ever. Take me for example, I set a goal to lose weight and to improve my physical self, however up to now I haven’t made much progress. You probably don’t want to hear this. What you probably want to hear is a success story, a beautiful success story. But behind each success story there is a story of struggle or learning to discipline oneself and to get up with renewed strength each time one falls.

I have fallen a lot in my life but each fall has taught me a valuable lesson necessary for success. I will no give up on me, on my life and on the capacity to dream, to believe that things CAN be done and accomplish if we don’t give up half way. And on that note I leave you my dear reader because I AM going to conquer myself right now (for today) although the last thing I want to do is exercise, I am nevertheless going to do precisely that. I have my ballerina shoes on, my lilac licra and my black body on, ready for action, ready to burn some calories, release some endorphins and to prove to myself that I CAN do it.

And so I leave you for now. I’m heading to my living room to put some reggaetton on and exercise for one hour ( my aim is to exercise for 2 hours daily) I will report again after I have exercised, showered and done some yoga to calm my emotions because,  lately I have been very stressed.


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