It is easy to Forget….

A Moment of Enlightenment…  

This morning I woke up with a feeling of hesitation. I was just about to grab pen and paper to write the list of things to do for today, when all a sudden I had a realisation. I had (again) lost my way and my purpose, for a minute or two lots of things came rushing through my head, and I had to sit down in order to register all this information that was coming in.   After I understood the message I uttered a prayer of thanks given to God. Thanking him for reminding me of my  purpose, and for helping to align myself again to my essence.

When I graduated last year my main desire was to completely focus on my self-discovery and self-development. Nevertheless, I got caught up in the rat race, looking for work, attending events, doing courses, being up to date with technology, and news relevant to my field. But…  this morning I was reminded that I was losing my north, for the past eight months I have been solely preoccupied with the next step in my career, and I have neglected my self-development. The main idea behind opening this blog was precisely to help me and motivate me in the journey of self-discovery. It is easy to forget that life is not lineal for everyone, that it happens in circles, and that everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. But the false desire to keep up with others, to be at the same level clouded my capacity to see that I have a purpose, a calling.

Dear reader, thank you for your patience and I want to really welcome you to my journey. Today I feel happy, at peace, ready and eager to continue on this path, even if it’s not in synch  with what society dictates. I will be sharing my journey of self – discovery with you.

Thank you for existing!!!!


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