Art is a lie that makes us realise the truth.”

                                                            _____Pablo Picasso

“The Power to shape Our destiny lies deep within Ourselves…Waiting to be discovered.” _______L.V


5 thoughts on “ART

  1. actually, here it is. They are

    A beautiful series of photographs that feature ink in water by Italian artist, Alberto Seveso

    Dear Magical Portal. You have some lovely lovely pictures in your blog, but I haven’t seen you quote the author in the ones I’ve seen. I would urge you to do so. Don’t you think it is only fair that we give credit where it’s due?

    1. Hi, I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to your messages earlier. You are absolutely right I thought about it and I will definitely credit each picture and if possible include a link for others to check out their work.Thanks for the suggestion, and thank you for following my blog. All the best!!!

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