When I look Into Your Eyes

It is difficult to see anything else but my world in you…

  So many stumbles, so many tears, so many sleepless nights without you near…


                 I have grown too old, my my love for you retains that youthful look. 

               It’s been so many years, nights and days since you disappeared and I still….

               Perhaps you don’t want to know – want to hear –        But I…. I – Still Linger near the river

 I wish I could have you near, oh! how I wish I could hold you tight close to my bosom, to listen to your SOCRATIC philosophy  about life, to listen together to the lyrics of Arjona, to drive down that lane… wishing to pause time and to Make that moment together eternal………

            I’m forever bound to that embrace that could never be born…


 WAS IT YOU?                  
WAS IT ME?                
WILL IT EVER BE?                  

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