My limbs don’t feel like my own any more, I seem to have fallen into a dark abyss from which there is no return. I remember that Sunday evening rushing through the woods, that’s all I remember…When I woke up, I was already gone, me, the me that I once knew didn’t exist any more. I became this inanimate thing that has blood running through its veins but – not heart, no feelings, no memories.

Last night I tried to climb up the wall that divides this world and yours. But it was to no avail. I can’t reach you any longer, you are my only and last memory. The only one that can help me to find my way back. Wake up please, wake up before is too late.

It is almost time….I must go….                    


2 thoughts on “Darkness……………………………

    1. Yes, it has a Gothic feeling to it. The message is about a woman being trapped in her own body and soul, desperately trying to wake up from a nightmare but it’s very metaphorical at the same time. She feels trapped inside herself and invisible as a ghost. It also reflects her psychological state. 🙂

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