TODAY is the First Day of the Rest of my LIFE!!!!

Brooklyn Bridge - Picture taken by me During my visit to New York in 2007

What DO I see?  

I see a beautiful horizon

Full of opportunities waiting to be discovered

I see a bridge waiting to be crossed, a bridge that, I must cross in order to take me to my destiny. That bridge is called “Change”

What IS in front of me?  

Belen Cemetery - Guadalajara Mexico 2008

A Long and mysterius  passage. Its walls embedded with history and stories waiting to climb and make an appearance. That’s my passage, a scary one. Scary because I don’t know what is ahead, waiting for me, because I don’t know if what I’ll find will be pleasing for me. But I don’t care any more, fear will not stop me  from exploring…

Garden Design by my nephew Thomas Wilkes - Picture taken in 2010

Are those the steps TO…?

A hidden portal? I believe they are. Every day I must be kind to myself, take firm baby steps that will lead me to find another magical portal. All these portals are hidden behind the visible, the mundane waiting to take me to another dimension in my journey of self- discovery….

Garden Design by Thomas Wilkes

What IS this?

It is the circle of life, the natural geometry of all things. The universe in which we live and breath. But is more than that… is a magical circle that we can tap into to understand ourselves and the world around us, to find our mission in life. Deep within each of us there is a well of magical spring water waiting to be tapped into, to bring forth the life force to dream, accomplish and feel complete bliss.

This morning I woke up with renewed strength, with the determination to take my life to another level. I decided that TODAY will be the first day of the rest of my life. I decided to bury the past, to let go of it. I cannot change anything that happened in the past, all I can do is learn from it and move on. I decided to let go of fear and move  straight on, to experience whatever I need to experience without hesitation or fear.

I feel so HAPPY and strong. Thank you, thank you, thank you! to all my dear readers. Thank you for existing and being part of my journey, I feel your support in the form of energy. We are all ARTISTS and CREATORS of our own lives. May the light of God,  The Universe shine upon each of you.



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