New Earth – New Structures

Good Day my Dear Readers,         

Today I come to you sharing my own thoughts…         

We live in an earth that has grown accustomed to old, rigid structures. As human beings on this earth we ALL have the capacity and necessity to grow, to expand, and to evolve. Unless we become aware of the reality around us, we’ll continue to behave in the old zombie like state. Through out history life has evolved in circles, in stages. The ideas, cultural and religious customs accepted in one era, became obsolete in another. Even in all forms of art we see this change and shifting through out time.  Going back as far as Socrates who questioned everything, including “authority” his aim was to help people understand the importance of critical thinking, of asking deep questions and probing profoundly into thinking before we accept ideas are worthy of believe. Plato and Aristotle also questioned society in all its forms, through dialogue and constant enquiry they were able to think for themselves, rather than swallow a whole bunch of precepts or ideas nicely packaged.

If we move  forward to the Middle Ages, we’ll find a whole set of power structures rigidly and cleverly put together to enslave society, in the Renaissance a humanistic revival took place thinkers such as Francis Bacon, Descartes, and Sir Thomas Moore amongst many others, critiqued their own societies through their writings. Writers, thinkers, creators along our earth time; have in one way or another have tried to shed light into our collective consciousness, with the aim  to awaken in us that capacity TO THINK FOR OURSELVES, not to merely accept ideas craftily put together by a whole team of psychologists, publicists, advertisers, and lawyers.

Rigid structures ought to be questioned. Questions such as: why? who? when? how? are all important to criticality and philosophically understand all aspects of the society in which we live. James Joyce for example comes to mind. His famous Ulysses that completely disturbed our understanding of linguistic logic, the fact that he dared to create a work of art that until now is a puzzle to many. And how about the much misunderstood and multi labeled Virginia Woolf? a woman ahead of her times, a woman many thought to silence by labelling her ‘mad’ and crazy’. She too, questioned society and not just one area but many areas of society. From education, to sexuality, government, economy, and even race.  My point is that unless WE, the active agents of our lives, take the power back to ourselves, we’ll continue to be puppets in the hands of those who seek (at all costs) to create and maintain value systems, believe structures and social structures that serve their own selfish and egocentric aims.

In we talk about theatre, the French Avant – Garde movement elevated human consciousness to a new and pondering state through the use of  ‘difference’ in the form of text, performance, and aesthetics. Breaking down solid ideas about art and performance and giving way to a new form of understating the world around, through live performance.  Why I’m I writing about all these? Well – because I need to vent out how I feel about the state of society.

WE NEED a new earth, a place where people can rationalise everything from the news, fashion, politics, and economics  to the trends that appear. Inside each and everyone of us, are the answers to our questions, embedded in our DNA is the light to guide us forward to a better way of living and coexisting harmoniously with one another. I sincerely hope that the INDIGO in us will be awakened, that we may be able to flow with a higher vibration, to move with the flow of the universe. AND to STOP biting into this fabricated reality that is sold to us on a daily basis, and that it’s so alien to our real essence.

Iris NEbula
Picture by the astrophotographer R. Jay GaBany

lets go back to that powerful place deep within us, lets bring about the transformational energy that will elevate this earth to a higher plane. lets create new flexible structures, that will not be based on lower energies such as: fear, greed, anger, ego, or hate.  The more we let go of this matter the more will be able to experience real POWER in our own beings – WE ARE ALL CONNECTED – 

 Let Us Make a Meaningful Difference – With Our Contribution. 


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