Going Down Memory Lane: London

This morning as I was going through my computer files and I found lots of pictures that inspired me to take a trip down memory lane. Looking at those pictures, I was instantly infused with positivity and a good feeling reminiscent of those moments lived.

The following pictures where taken at my flat in London. My friend Jin Wai cooked dinner for me, and we both sat happily talking about life and enjoying good healthy food before heading to the West End to watch the play ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ at Covent Garden.

This is my lovely friend Jin Wai who cooked a delicious vegetarian Chilli con Carne and also the succulent raspberry and white vine jelly.

This is me, I have such a theatrical spirit so I dressed as a mixture of  French/ American  Blanche and Chinese Lady.

And this is us two just before leaving the house to watch the play.

After the play, which we really enjoyed by the way, we headed towards Southbank. It is such a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the scene nary. Strolling by the side of the Thames river we came across various street performers who in their effort to entertain were dressed in a very creative and comical way.

              “When I was Happy and I didn’t know it…”

Our happiest memories tend to be of those years or moments when we were fully emerged in the fabric of life, no worrying about the future but making the most of today. This trip down memory lane has helped me personally to see the beauty of life. The moments, people and places that make life a better place. I would suggest (if you wish of course) you look at your old pictures of yourself, or past birthday or trips and see the YOU of that moment an the YOU of today. You’ll be surprised at the founding and the wave of emotions and inspiration these memories will bring.  Those pictures were taken three days before my trip to New York – and so my next post down memory lane will take back to my trip to New York which I will share with you.

Happy Living!!!!


6 thoughts on “Going Down Memory Lane: London

  1. You have such insightful introspections, and I think they really are as universal as you suggest.

    Beautiful photos too. Here is to feeling as good as you hope to be in the near future, or to return to that place where you just didn’t even worry about such things.


    1. Thanks! Yes today was a much better day. I am returning to that happy place, that’s what I want the most – Thanks once again Joseph your comments are always very encouraging and positive. 🙂

  2. What an inspirational post – I love revisiting old photographs, they really are such a source of joy and, of course, nostalgia! Your friend looks like a wonderful cook too! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Yes I used to revisit old photographs often but for I stop doing it, but only today I was going through them and reminiscing with a touch of nostalgia but joy at the same time.
      Yes my friend is SUCH a good cook, the food he makes is so natural yet so tasty. 🙂

      1. It’s good to have friends like that! 🙂

        I’m glad you’re looking back through your photos. It’s funny the things that we forget; that are nice to be reminded of. 🙂

      2. It is very important to have good friends like that even a small number. People who genuinely care about you and that accept you for who you are. Thanks! It’s so true going back to those photos helps me to remember so much I forgot about myself. Have a great day!!!! it’s always nice to hear from you 🙂

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