Before anything else preparation is the key to success.”

              __________Alexander Graham Bell

Claude Monet's Le Printemps.

I’ll let you into a little secret… preparation is the key to success. Many want to achieve great things, various things. However the only way to achieve those things is through preparation. There are two types of preparation:

1) Psychological &

2) Administrative

Psychological preparation is of utmost importance. This is where the fabric of your dreams takes shape. Before buildings, paintings, books, and everything the eye can see materialised, it was first alive in the realm of the mind. That’s why Albert Einstein said that ” Imagination is more important than knowledge” because it is in your imagination that you can prepare you biggest dreams and achievements. The more clear you can see an event or a goal in your mind through imagination; the more likely that event or goal  will take place in a material reality.

The second type of preparation is administrative this is also a VERY important facet which in conjunction with your imagination will help you realise your dreams. Administrative as the word suggests is to do with paper work, successful people, artists, architects and the list goes on and on, use pen and paper to plan. The act of writing on paper, your dreams, goals and aspirations helps you to focus your efforts in the direction of your dreams, by constantly revisiting and adapting what you write on paper. There is also a correlation between your mind and the act of transmitting from your brain through your arm, to the paper, where your eyesight, your emotion in relation to your goals, and your senses  get together, to create a powerful energy alliance. So dream big! and make sure you write about it – you’ll be surprised how fast what you desire starts to manifest. A word of warning though – do not use this method to harm anybody or to bring about destruction or negativity because the universe is wise and will bring back to you through karma any harm you do to another.

Well! I’m surprised I wrote lengthy about this quote, it was meant to be just the quote and a picture as I usually post  it in the ‘Inspirational Quotes and Pictures’ category, but I’m glad I was inspired to write this. Today I am going to an art exhibition at Southbank – London and I will report back my findings.

Have an Amazing weekend my dear readers and don’t forget to laugh, and enjoy life!!!!    


2 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. that is so true….Before embarking into something important, one must focus one’s intention…..and what isn’t important in this life?? Every second counts! Thanks for sharing

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