Rainy London

How do I feel today?

Well, each day feels different in my road to recovery. At times I feel strong, courageous and that I am advancing with giant quantum steps forward. However, at other times… I feel stuck, and sad at my slow advancement. Even the weather corresponds to my moods. This morning it was sunny and warm and now it is cold and rainy. But isn’t that a characteristic of life? change, shift, circles? there is time to cry, to laugh, to work, and to play as the Bible proverb says. I then ponder and say to myself “I must learn to flow with life” to move with the changes, to navigate my life in accordance to the waves….

What do I hope for tomorrow?

I hope to keep on discovering myself, to be able to laugh aloud and to experience life in all its colours and textures. I believe I am 65% close to recovering myself. But that’s not enough! I need to find myself 100% and even when I do, the work won’t be over. Self – development and improvement is an adventure that last a lifetime.

Thank you my wonderful readers for being part of my world and journey. Much appreciation!!!!!


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