Finding the Strength to Move On…

Letting Life Guide You.

I have been absent from my blog for a few days now and the reason why is because I have been feeling quite down recently. Today I met up with my niece to have lunch together and  catch up on life. While I was in her house I found so much inspiration in her environment that motivated me to write this post. Looking at her decoration I realised that life is always sending you messages, guiding you and pushing you to move on.



Lesson Number 1: It is only human to feel down. It is in those moments we all wish we could avoid, that lie hidden great life lessons to be learnt. Life taught me today that it is fine to reach out when you feel sad or depressed. Many times we want to appear strong and on top of our lives but the reality is that we are only human.


Lesson Number 2: Life is Good! when you find your passion and become true to yourself and your calling. If you want to please others you’ll end up displeasing yourself. On my way to meet my niece I was reading Joanne Rowling’s biography and I was so surprised and inspired by her story. At some point of her life she felt like a total loser, was clinically  depressed, had no money, was on benefit, divorced and with a child. Yet, she believed in herself and put all her energies into her passion which is writing, and out of her failures, disappointments and set backs, she was able to write Harry Potter and become one of the most influential women of her time. So hold on to your dreams and believe in yourself!!!

This is the view from my niece’s apartment, looking at the sea helped me to realise that the universe is vast and filled with opportunities but you need to keep your awarness  in tuned with your goals, and shut down all the negative voices that seek to drown your dreams and break your spirit.


Life IS good in as much as we open our hearts to the possibilities hidden within ourselves. Nothing should stop you on your journey of success (your success) look inside yourself and you’ll find amazing treasures and the answers to all those life questions that preocupy us on a daily basis. Thank you my dear readers, your support means the world to me.

Believe in the Journey….


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