Stillness – Awareness: Listening to your Inner VOice

Here I am Once again on my path of Self – Discovery. Sharing with you dear reader, my findings, feelings and thoughts on the matter of Self – Discovery.

I cannot remember when I began this journey, but I know it was a long time ago. Lately my mind has been clouded by so many voices and opinions that make it harder for me to listen to my inner voice and to dwell in the joy of Being. The journey of self-discovery is an important one. Most of us get caught up in the ego trap of, thinking, thinking, thinking. But thinking about what? thinking that we need to be loved and liked by people in order to feel “worth” it, that we need to look, weigh and sound a certain way to be worth it, that we need to have the perfect partner, car, house, children, education, friends, looks, and the list goes on.

When the reality is – that each and everyone of us IS WORTH it. Our intrinsic worth does not lie in what is outside ourselves, it lies deep within us. No matter how much money, fame, friends or lovers one may have if we are not AWARE of our inner self, we will always seek for more and more. And never be quite satisfied. If material things, and people’s recognition was ALL we needed, then many of the people who had these things, would have never committed suicide, or fallen trapped to addictions that deteriorated the quality of their lives.

We need to evolve as a human race, to become enlightened, aware of that blissful inner space. I am not ashamed to tell you that I don’t have a job, because I don’t! I studied History as well as English Literature. After finishing my degree I decided not to get the first job that paid well and boost my ego, nop, I decided to seek the right job for me. As many other decisions I have been making and I’m currently making in my life. I choose to live in accordance with my life’s purpose and my essence. I embarked in this journey of self-discovery, and I feel very happy to be experimenting events in my life that need to take place so that I can grow and look inside myself for the answers I seek.

I absolutely love being able to share with you my life’s journey.  

Thank you dear readers for being part of the journey and for existing!!!


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