Messages From Above…

Hello my dear readers. It is so good to be back sharing with you my journey of self-discovery. Lately I have been feeling quite down and that is the reason why I decided to stay away from my blog, so that I would not pass onto you any negative energy.

Nonetheless, this time has served me to do a lot of introspection, which is not always easy. As humans we tend to avoid, distract ourselves rather than face our issues. May be we do it because the issues are too painful, maybe because we are simply not ready at that particular moment to deal with the situation, feeling or person. I believe there are many magical portals that can transport us into different dimensions. I mentioned the kind of mundane places where those may be found. However lately, a voice inside myself has been directing me to an amazing magical portal…

That magical portal is situated deep within each of us. All we have to do is become still, breath and look inside ourselves. When we do that, something amazing happens, suddenly we are able to see the ego, the thoughts as separate from that inner being which has no form because it is spirit and formless. Associating happiness with exterior things is a tricky thing, I’m not saying it is bad to have material things, to have people we love and care for in our lives. The danger is when we become attached to those things and people, and we believe that our identity and capacity to be happy and fulfilled is in direct connection with this things or people. When we identify with the role: mother, business woman, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly etc, we lose our sense of self which values is extrinsic within us.

From time to time messages from above are heard in our inner being but the noise outside seeks to quieten the voice inside us, that seeks to help us become conscious, aware and present. 

I wish all my readers a wonderful day, do leave your comments. Thanks for reading.  


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