Living with Gratitude.

Good Morning Life!

It is very important to wake up everyday with a positive attitude. Well, and how is that possible? you may ask. It is quite simple, the problem is that we are not used to saying thanks for what we have, for appreciating life. Most often than not the focus is on what we don’t have, or what others have. But if you wake up every morning  from tomorrow and the first thing you do is thank God/universe/consciousness for all the blessing in your life, the frequency you send will come back to you, charged with positive energy.

Draw a list of things you are grateful for, you have nothing to be grateful for!? how about the fact that you are ALIVE, how about your eyes that allow you to see colours, nature, beauty and your loved ones? how about your hands and feet that allow you to travel, walk, write, touch and make wonderful things? You see! you have plenty to be grateful for in your life. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have yet, shift your focus on the things that you do have and be grateful for them. The media, marketing and advertising in order to sale their goods and make money, constantly bombard you with tanks of things you need, to be happy.  In reality what they’re selling you is an idea, a perception of who you may be if you acquire their goods, or how Tolle Eckhart calles it “personality enhancers”

All you need to be happy is YOU! happiness, total bliss and peace lies at the core of your being. But perhaps you haven’t realised it yet, because you are too preoccupied looking outside instead of inside . Enjoy a silent walk in nature, take a long bath with your favourite aromas, or engage fully in the present on any activity and you’ll find joy, as long as you are present and aware of your inner self. 

I am happy and thankful to be able to share my thoughts and journey with you my dear readers, and I look forward to what life has in store. Each step takes me back to unity, love, bliss and complete peace.

You’ve gotta dance like there is nobody watching,

love like you’ll never be hurt,

sing like there is nobody listening,

and live like it’s heaven on earth.”

 ______________William W. Purkey 


2 thoughts on “Living with Gratitude.

  1. I like this idea, perhaps to take time aside before getting up and going to bed to give thanks for life and put the mind into a positive frame of reference, even in the times when the going gets hard.

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