Doorway Into Higher Dimensions

Doorway into Higher Dimensions

Human Development

Most of the time we are unable to recognize the existence of those doorways that lead to higher dimensions. This could be due to our lack of awareness, not only of our true nature; but also of the spiritual dimensions that are present at all times.

When you experience a shift in consciousness, even if only  for a split second, and instant sense of bliss and wonder is felt, this feeling is our constant state of being at the very core. The reason why we have become alienated from this sense of bliss and peace, is because another way or form of living has been received, internalised in our minds almost like a chip devise inside a computer or a robot and accepted as life. The chip device could be outside influences, set of believes that have shaped our perception of life, people and ourselves.

It is SO important to dive into the core of our very being, to reconnect with ourselves and with God (nature, energy or however you can relate to a higher being) take baby steps and be patient. Practise sitting still in a pleasant environment of your choice, it could be a park, at home or any place of your liking, and just be there surrounded by nature, breath easily and let go of all your worries – focus on the moment and on JUST BEING PRESENT.

I send my best wishes to all my dear readers, wishing you a marvellous day.


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