Follow your Dreams

          When I was little…                           

I remember that my favourite past time was acting. I would act in front of the mirror – looking intensely at my own eyes I would sometimes cry, laugh or pretend to have a full blown conversations with another person or a number of people (and no I’m not crazy) I had a huge imagination. My mother got used to seeing me black and blue pretending to have had an accident, sometimes I was a nun dying, sometimes I was a business woman or a restaurant owner. It all depended on the mood. I would also die a number of ways from falling in the middle of the living room to dying a painful death in a hospital bed.

My days as a child were spend doing my make up, special effects, wardrobe, writing, dancing and acting. I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up.  But as you know, life or rather society has a way of psychologically imposing certain criteria as to what is a good career, life, size, husband etc, etc. But when I look back and reflect on all the books I’ve read about business people, artists, writers, painters and inventors (the list is long), I realise how important it is to follow your heart, to follow your dreams what ever those may be. This is the only life we have and it is essential that we do what makes us feel happy.

SO go ahead and follow your dreams, there is nothing stopping you – I know I’m going to follow mine or die trying. I rather look back at my life and know that I tried, that I believed in myself, that I gave it a go, than to look back and think “if only…”

      “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” Henry David Thoreau


3 thoughts on “Follow your Dreams

  1. I thought tht i will nvr go fr my dreams but aftr vstng this site i got so brilliant thoughts, i feel like thy r made fr me only nd nw thy r encourgng me…..

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