Lonely Girl

Many will discourage you

Many will criticise you and so few will believe in you. So what to do? how do you hold on to your dreams when all you see in the mirror is a young old person holding on to a dream. Life is so strange, so many ups and downs…..

 I guess the only answer really is to believe, to believe in yourself despite the noise, the raised eyebrows, the nodding in disappointment and all the rest.

I might not make sense but allow me this space to blur out  all this feelings that are drowning me. I feel alone, sad and nostalgic not a good combination really

A lonely heart walks alone in the dessert

thirsty for love and understanding, for a shoulder to cry on, a warm hug and a pair of eyes that say:  ‘Yes, I understand’

The journey is long, long, long and I must walk all alone – it hurts, it bloody hurts to my bones and skin. But no one really cares so I must become strong    

Take hold, cry if you need to,reflect on what works, and then get up and move on.  Don’t listen to those who instead of lending you a hand when you fall, decide in stead that they know better how you feel and so feel just to judge you.  The truth is that if I am going through this pain is because there is an important lesson to be learned.


3 thoughts on “Lonely Girl

  1. It’s also good to remember that there’s one who is bigger and more powerful than anyone or anything in life. God is for us, and his power is greater than any pain or trouble we face. Cry out to him and he will answer:-) He’s always been faithful to me!

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