What is Self-Discovery?


Is to have to have the courage to look within and fearlessly discover your own inner terrain.

I asked  myself that question this morning at 8:30am while reading Eat Pray Love. It feels like forever that I have been lost in duty for others, it feels for ever that I lost my sense of direction.

The very reason why I started my blog was to help me, or motivate me to push myself forward on this journey of self-discovery. So many things have taken place in my life over the course of seventeen years that it has been impossible (until very recently) for me to stop and ask: Who I’m I? What do I want? In my heart, the same answer comes up again and again. I need to be alone. I want to be alone with myself, to find the sparkle again, and above all,  I want to be happy.

I have to be honest, when I started my blog it was about “me” about my journey, and documenting my journey. But somehow along the way it became (in my mind) about writing “nice” so that my blog followers would not find me “weird” but this was not the initial idea when I started this blog. So I have decided to go back to basics and use my blog as a diary – a place where I can totally be myself, where I can write without restriction, about my own personal journey, post pictures and feel free. As from tomorrow I will therefore document my life, this is a commitment to myself.

         Unearthing All the Possibilities that Lie Within



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