Life Changes

In a climate of recession, political upheaval, and economic uncertainty it is easy to lose hope and surrender to the vicissitudes  of life. Nonetheless, it is in those precarious moments when our ability to go with the flow serves us most. With the flow of our inner voice indicating the next step forward.

Through out history there has been moments in peoples’s lives when all seems to be turned upside down, either by personal circumstances, natural disasters or by social, political or economic situations. Giving up or surrendering helplessly has never been the answer. We must learn from history’s important lessons, and what are those? you may ask, oh well I’ve never even read about history let alone learn from it, also a fair observation. However you do not need to be an expert in Roman history or Medieval customs to be able to discern that life moves in cycles. Nature itself bares witness of this, by constantly moving through the seasons, and adapting itself to each season in accordance with time.

So does life change? of course it does. And with each change there lies  important lessons to be learned, that ought to encourage us to keep on learning and moving forward.

The circle of life propels us to grow, not to become complacent or cease to develop. Sometimes the things that we dread the most in our lives become a reality, but with them also comes an opportunity to grow and find out what we are capable of.  Since I finished my Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature, I have been in a sort of loop not knowing really what to choose. Because, I don’t want to compromise my artistic endeavours  and that would have surely happened if I had taken a job in investment banking as many of my fellow graduates have done. I took a different approach and decided to take some time out to explore my options and see what the best avenue was for me. I’m unhappy to report that I’m still without a job, but on the positive side, I am happy to report that I have also learned from sending more CV s that I can even remember, and from keeping active by reading and researching.

I have accepted the fact that life changes. I have accepted that life changes for a reason and that it is entirely up to me to   find those reasons and explore the opportunities available to me.  As John Searl nicely puts it:  ‘My understanding upon life: It’s not so much, how far you go, As what you see and hear as you go. It’s not so much, how much you see, As what you learn from what you see. It’s not so much, how much you learn, As what you do with what you learn. From what you see and hear as you go.’


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