Creative Writing

Werner Heisenberg
Werner Heisenberg (Photo credit: Bradley Wind)

Good Morning my lovelies,

Today I would like to share with you a creative writing exercise:

1. Heisenberg‘s Indeterminacy Principle states: “That the act of of observing or touching an object necessarily changes it in some way.” Therefore according to Heisenberg principle, we cannot acquire information about something without disturbing it: without changing it. Which is very interesting because with each relationship or interaction our view of the world changes and shifts. We influence others when we come in contact with them, and we are ourselves influenced (negatively or positively) by others. My task for the purpose of this exercise is to: “Embody this idea in a poem about a newly developing relationship.”

Poem – Or an attempt

I first came upon you with the northern sun – I gazed speechless at you while sitting at the bench in the park

Your figure was splendid, so perfectly put together that I wanted to touch it, to get lost in each particle of your body

I had envisioned you in my dreams a thousand times – but today you looked different.

On that summer day when I met you, I realised straight away, the impact you will have in my life

We climbed together the path of dreams – looking into each others eyes – observing our deepest dreams manifested in one another

The universe was trying to give us a message “Hold on to your money” you said after that strange incident. The £20 note was lifted as if by a giant invisible hand before our eyes, it was flying away from both of us. It crossed the road, went into an open window and came out of another window from the same flat – happily floating in the air. The £2o note was looking at us.

It caused quite a stir as the man walking across the road harried his step to help catch the £20 note, while you crossing the road in a hurry decided it was time to let it descend – and descend it did, right into your pair of white open hands that waited eagerly for the £2o note.

What a strange incident. Something like that had never happened to me – it was the ellipses to our future relationship – so much has been transformed, shifted, changed. We both have gone through a process of metamorphosis – who would have thought that the tall, fair skin, brown eyes handsome young man standing outside Starbucks, would have such a transforming effect on me – and I on him.

2.  The Maxwell Demonis the mythical creature who detects highly improbable features. My task is to describe with my senses my experience as the demon takes me journeying through the unlikely regions of a pan of stew, an anthill and a densely populated galaxy.

My Experience

Walking as in a dream, Maxwell takes my hand. Only this is not a dream, this is real. I soon find myself climbing the hobs nob, ascending to the metal wall that surrounds this massive pan of stew. I look straight into it as suggested by Max. Mesmerised by the density of this galaxy I hold on to the edges of the pan with both hands. At first it feels hot but then, gradually the temperature goes down, and my hands jumped back at the freezing cold, I almost felt into the moving floor but Maxwell held me quick. He looked straight in to my eyes and said: “Let’s hurry before the orbit closes and I lose the chance to show you this amazing galaxy.” without thinking we both jumped into the pan of stew. I knew we were going down fast because I could see other stars and galaxies as we descended. But the strange thing was that time seemed to slow down as the masses of blue, green, purple and yellow substances touched our skins.

We finally landed on dry land, I hit my head against a rock but didn’t lose consciousness – luckily.  I became aware of a strange sound in the distance, I couldn’t distinguish at first what this strange sound was – but upon further analysis I realised it was Mr Thunder talking to Miss Melody. All my eyes could see was pink grass stretching as far the eye can see, as if this odd place was made of pink grass. To the right there were giant dolphins playing the harp and to my left, there was a castle suspended on air upon a cloud. I felt so very hungry and my whole body tingled. A very particular smell drew me in and guided me towards an open tree…

I love how our imagination is limitless and provides with a safe environment in which to envisioned our wildest dreams and fantasies.


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