Quite a few things

Quite a few things hit us hard as disappointment, to face a reality contrary to our expectations, specially the high ones. It makes you wonder what is best? to want or not to want? that is the question.  And another question… do you create and be yourself or do you careful craft every word to a commercial desired outcome? I just don’t know.

I just don’t know many things any more. I guess the answer will always be the same – just be you, what ever YOU is jijijiji. Why can’t I play with words? why can’t I order them differently? or call the night day, or the day night?

Why must I do as I’m told? without raising an eyebrow or questioning the source?

Why? why! WHY!!! my mind which feel swollen with thoughts is only able to come up with silly questions, or profound ones? I don’t know any more.  Puzzling, puzzles that pass and drills at my hasping thoughts… Tonight I’m not making much sense -and who does? who determines who or what makes sense any more?


mY sOUL finds a different refuge in the quite solace of my inner being – there everything IS



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