A Pinch of Salt and a Nickel…

Some one once asked me: Why do you have an absolute believe in God and trust and rely only in him, and have such little faith in humans? my response was easy: because the humans I have encountered (some close ones included) have always let me down, specially when I’ve needed them the most. This is not a contemporary epidemic of lack of loyalty, honour and gratitude. But an ancient disease that have contaminated humanity since the beginning of time. History itself bares witness of the human greed and disloyal betrayals. This, along other low frequency and pity attitude, has been the cause of empires and kingdoms falling down. For example:

– Alfred Red and Austria
-Harold ‘Paul’ Cole and Britain
-Brutus and Caesar
_The Rosenbergs and USA
-Mir Jafar and India
-The Roman Empire
-The Mongol Empire
-The Han Dinasty

We are all born with the capacity for greatness and puniness. What we choose is ultimately up to us – and it is clearly reflected in our everyday actions and our treatment towards others. With each action we reflect our inner character and the calibre of our essence.

I have an imaginary round table of advisers and mentors which include men and women who through out history have proven to be great humans. These mentors I admired profoundly because THEY have allowed me, through their example to believe that not all are the same. Do you want to know if you are great or puny? well… look at the map of your own life history and there you will find clues as to which one you are or wish to continue being. Almost every person at the last hour of their lives on the earth have regrets, and why? because it is only then they look pack and reflect upon their lives. But if we were live our every day with awareness of being, and reflect each night upon our actions of the day, our capacity for excellence would be unlimited and our evolvement rapid.

It saddens me immensely to see that the accumulation of titles, money, and material property, that are at the end of the day just inanimate objects, have more value than love, justice, gratitude, honour or unity. These for most have become obsolete attributes possessed only by a few long gone. And then we wonder why there are so many wars, suicides, drug addiction, depression, injustice, and empty superfluous lives. WHY? take a real look at society and most importantly at yourself- you want to live in a better fairer world? well… become the change you want to see in others, don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

When I read about the lives of artists and how some of them decided to end their lives – it does not surprise me one bit, because it is utterly suffocating to live in a masochistic, blind and mediocre world where stones, metal and paper have more value than human life. And so many great artists decided to end their lives unable any longer to live in a polluted world where purity, genuineness, and true value has no meaning. Don’t get me wrong, I do not advocate suicide, but I can however understand the reasons behind this action.

Luckily for me every disappointment is turned into strength and wisdom; paving the way to heaven and living a life that makes me feel proud of myself. I rather have a few people around me ‘like a pinch of salt’ as Aristotle wisely advised in ‘Ethics’, than to have a sea of people unworthy of my friendship. And so with this soliloquy about life I now say bye, having nothing else to say but a heart full of respect – for those who have been and will always be the greatest gems humanity has ever had.

When the lowly, foolish and morally corrupt occupy high places
And the noble, prudent and wise seats in a corner – you know you live in a dystopia so unbearable that even the earth cries and the ozone layer displays its discontentment. So in answer to that person who asked why I believe in God and have so little faith in humans – well… because the sky and nature are pure and perfect, even animals have a strong sense of duty and gratitude, born babies and children are the most beautiful beings, but then they get contaminated by the Yersinia Pestis (a sister bacteria that was the cause for the plague, or Black Death) as the rest, and humans have been the cause of wars, devastation, broken lives and the destruction of the very own earth they inhabit – that’s how toxic and dangerous humans can be. And for what?????

For the great of all? I DON’T THINK SO
For a better world? NOT AT ALL
To live a life of honour? ABSOLUTELY NOT

It is because the ego is so big that in some cases it ends up destroying the bearer of that same sick ego.

It is because you THINK you need all these material things to be happy. The whole world could be yours, you can have all the fame and money in the world, but:
If you don’t love yourself,
If you don’t live in accordance to your being/essence,
If you can’t bear to look into your own eyes in the mirror,
If you can’t sleep at night,
And you carry an empty hole the size of the sun inside you — then I say you are the poorest and most pitiful of all creatures, and not worth a nickel. You can wear the most expensive clothes, drive the most expensive cars, live in the most expensive mansion, hang around with people who have the same or more than you, and still be – just a sad and lonely beggar.

For me though, I choose goodness, sincerity, purity, art, love and a life of honour. You can choose what you will, and good will to you. One last thing, if you ask me do I prefer the pinch of salt or the nickel? you already know the answer to that – my values, ethics and soul are not for sale, and not all the money in the world, and all the superfluous vanities created or yet to be created can convince me otherwise. I prefer to be the kid who asked his mum Why are all these clowns wearing toys? and look so proud?, than to be one of the monkeys in the procession entering the Island of Utopia. For those who don’t know it ‘Utopia’ is a work of fiction and political philosophy written by Thomas More in 1516. I highly recommend this book along side  Aristotle’s ‘Ethics’ and Plato’s ‘Republic’.

PS: This is something I wrote on facebook and wanted to also share it with my blog followers, no disrespect intended to any of my blog followers. This piece of writing was inspired by something that happened to me and it is my way to express how I feel about it. Thank you for your continued readership it is much appreciated. 😀


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