Winter Blues…

Are you feeling under the Weather? Suffering from Winter Blues?

A few Tips on how to beat it and remain your cosy self.

First of all, like in most things in life the key is preparation. So how do you prepare? you can follow the following tips to prevent a cold and if you happen to have (like me) to get read of it.

1. Drink  a daily dose of vitamin C, it does wonders for your immune system while also protecting you from the cold.

2. It may sound obvious but many of us fail to keep up this common sense prevention from cold. WRAP UP, yes! make sure that your extremities are well covered as those are the week points. So what do I mean by extremities? head, neck, feet and hands. So before you go to work or go to that important meeting or date,  make sure you wear a hat, gloves, scarf and that your feet are well protected.

3. If you happen to have a cold already there is nothing more uncomfortable and annoying that having a chronic cough… So squeeze half a lemon, two spoons of olive oil, two spoons of honey and a bit of sea salt. Mix all together and put in the microwave for one minute.

4. Doing mint inhalations helps to clear you through and chest. Place a bunch of fresh mint in a pan with water, heat up and when is boiling get a towels, cover your head and inhale all the vapour/mist. It really works!

5. You can also try cutting an onion in slices hitting up in water and adding honey, drink it up and feel the comfort after. I know it sounds jack but it will help you recover.

6. Make sure you take your antibiotics in you have a chest infection.

Winter Blues…

No problem. You need to remember that every season is necessary and although winter may not be the most popular one, you can still derive some comfort.  Surround yourself with bright happy colours, get a pair of bed covers that put a smile on your self and make you want to jump in bed. Make a lovely cup of hot chocolate with double cream and mash-melons, sip up while you watch your favourite film in your comfortable sofa.

You can also use this time to go on a detox diet, buy aromatherapy and lovely bubble bath with candles and soothing music. Relax while you have a bath and perhaps a face mask.

Listening to music and keeping active also raises your immune system.  Look after yourself and smile!!!


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