The Old & The New

Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!!!

Gone with the old? hello the New?

Sometimes to give way to the new we need to get rid of the old. The proper space needs must be created, cleaned up and refurbish with new and beautiful things, otherwise the old will corrupt the new. Every year we draw up a list of new year’s resolutions. We charge up all our energies and decisively reconsider our lives determined to make this year a better one. The question is: why do so many of us fail to keep up with our new year’s resolutions? year after year we sum up the courage to look up at the end of the year and see what didn’t work out, or how we would like to improve our lives. 

Personally I think the reason we fail to keep up our resolutions, is because of the old baggage we carry around with us unconsciously. Therefore my postulation to you is (if you can) to look deep inside yourself and instead of running away from the old scars, thinking, prejudices or whatever holds you back, to take time instead to look at those hidden dark passages and give them a good clean.  So start this new year by getting rid of all that is old and undeserving and make a clean, white space where to hold all the beautiful things you want in your life this year.  





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