The Beauty of the Soul

Food for the Soul Can Soothe Your Pain

Before I embark on the main topic of this post which is how food prepared with love and positive energy has a soothing effect on your emotions and a nourishing one on your body, I would like to say a warm hello to all my dear blog followers, I have been away for a while. A lot has happened recently which should had propelled me to write and to share but it has not worked out that way… My sister who was more like a mother to me died a month ago, her death has opened the door to a lot of introspection. Grieving is such a painful process but at the same time is liberating. For years and years I’ve had locked away so much pain at the bottom of my soul. The more painful the experience the deeper the human psychic tends to bury it. The death of my sister has led me to open up wounds and doors that were closed inside me for many years.

I find myself crying often for no apparent reason. Last week I was waxing at home, sitting on the floor focused on not reaping the skin of my bones when all of the sudden out of no where I start crying. But it wasn’t a light cry, or a few tears no! it was a full blown cry that came from the bottom of my very soul. I went to the kitchen to drink some water and I found myself sobbing uncontrollably on top on the kitchen’s work top, my flatmate quite alarmed asked me with sincere concern “what’s the matter why are you crying? talk to me please.” but how do you explain to someone that you have a pain that has never healed because it remained locked away and only now because of recent events, somehow a range of  images, memories and feelings are coming up like a raging river to the surface.  Today I was practising yoga,  comfortably in the child position, repeating the mantra “The Universe protects and nurtures me. I am secure and loved.” and it happened again I started to cry and sob like a baby who has lost her mother. I recently heard a saying ” sometimes people cry not because they’re weak. Its because they have been strong for too long…” and I can totally relate to it, when you’ve had an incredible share of difficult or traumatic experiences in your life the tendency is not to think, to become numb to the pain because it is to strong to bear or to face.  These painful emotions create blockages in our bodies and those sometimes manifest through physical pain, difficult interrelationships or through other ways. It is never easy to do away with a painful past for some it remains dormant until something happens to awaken the wounds, for others it remains a silence witness that whispers in the subconscious and determines indirectly how to lead ones life.

I guess for me it is time to face all that pain and to go through the grieving process not just for the death of my sister my also for all those years of silent pain.  Well, I can see I managed to go  completely off the topic I was meant to write about, all I can do is offer my apologies and to assure you that at least I am fulfilling the promise that I made at the birth of this blog: to share my journey of self discovery with you. tumblr_lnf96uNBEy1qilbt5o1_500


One thought on “The Beauty of the Soul

  1. TODAY is a gift for all of us. NOW is what we can control. The leap into the past and future should only be limited to imagination and thoughts but they should not be allowed to create your reality. PAST is for memories, FUTURE is for vision, and PRESENT is everything……the reality!!
    Let the emotions flow. If the situations demand grief, then grieve for some time. It’s needed so that your emotions keep flowing. But in such conditions, all you have to do is to BE AWARE of the situation you are involved in.
    There are many instances when unanswerable, unreasonable and inexplicable questions come in my mind. Confusion, frustration, isolation, deep thought, quick conclusion, sudden changes in mood, energy bursts, vibrations, self-talks, doubts, silent statements…..are some of the feelings that come to the surface when such questions come in my mind. But after all this mind bursting weird session, I always end up with a beautiful new realization. A realization that forms a new belief and modifies the earlier ones; and I’m happy to learn from my experiences… are you!
    Let everything BE as you BELIEVE them to be!


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