Being You.

Life is like a Theatre and You are the main Protagonist!

Yes YOU.  We often go through life looking for recognition and acceptance in others, when in reality the most important recognition and acceptance we can ever receive comes from our very self from within.  Growing up we somehow lose that intrinsic  essence that set us apart from the others. We are bombarded by family, friends, school with different information about ourselves and the world around us, is not surprise that we lose the sense of who we truly are. The good news is that your essence never changes, who you truly are remains intact at the core of your being it just takes introspection and time alone doing what makes you happy to reconnect with your true self.
Will it surprise you to realise that many people go through life living a false life completely different  to the life they really want to lead?  and the question is, why?! why would anyone work in a job they hate, that  does not resonate with their inner passion? why would anyone be with a person who does not make them happy but who constantly puts them down and makes their life miserable? and we can go on asking many good quality questions in other to get to those important answers. However there are many factors that influence our decisions and our lack of action and every circumstance is different, but there is one thing that remains the same for all of us, and that thing is  ‘Self Knowledge’ when we adapt to a false identity or version of ourselves we seriously jeopardise the opportunity to lead a truly happy, and fulfilled life  in our accordance with our very essence and trademark.
Picture by Lisa Weedn
 So how do we make that shift? how do we let go of the false identity to give rise to our true selves?  Start by listening to your heart, syntonise to the inner voice that knows exactly who you are.  Focus on yourself, start to follow your passion we all have something that makes us unique, it was probably evident when we were kids or growing up in our teenage years, a passion, something that we enjoyed so much that we could see ourselves doing for the rest of your life. That is the key to your happiness, find that passion within yourself and follow it. Be who you want to be, work exactly where you want to work, stop making excuses and lead the life of your dreams.  Play your own tune and dance with those who understand your melody, this is your life, this is your chance, don’t let it pass you by and then regret all the things you could have done on your death bed. Live today and love your life because is yours and is unique. You deserve happiness so go out there without fear and seize the day. 

3 thoughts on “Being You.

  1. Beautiful 🙂
    Very nicely stated the essence of being happy; and it clearly appears to be coming straight from your heart…….It’s a story of your own experiences.

    1. Thanks Varun, you know that’s the only way I can possibly write – from my heart 🙂 It is indeed who we are and what we give to others, is a story of our own experiences accumulated through life. Have a great day!!!!

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