Making Changes

Who said change was easy?

Making changes in whatever area of our life is not always easy. Changes can be quite painful, and they take time, patience and perseverance. Sometimes panic creeps in because all we see in front of us is a long list of changes that we need to make  in our lives in order for us to lead a better quality of life, a more fulfilling and happy one. This list of things to change, can be overwhelming. Making changes in our lives however can be more positive and effective when we take one day at a time  and make small deposits into our ‘changing account’ Yes! no matter how small the step towards change,  it needs to be annotated and appreciated. The power of small but continuous positive steps towards change has an accumulative effect that before you know it,  you are half way through that desired change in your life.images (2)

I always found it very helpful to keep a diary of progress. In this diary I write daily and monitor my behaviour, improvement and my no so good feelings. It is almost as keeping and account of your best company who is YOU, by doing this you can easily see the progress you’ve made as well as the things or people that hold you back, you can also identify your bad habits as well as your breakthroughs.  Wake up each morning with a positive slogan, speak kind words of encouragement to yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you how valuable you are, just believe in yourself and your own capacity to surpass every challenge in your life while creating a strong and grounded character. Do the things that make you happy, take a new hobby, try a new flavour, watch something inspirational, sing, dance, write. Do what ever you need to do that is positive and constructive to lift your mood and enhance your well-being.


It is an immense pleasure for me to share my blog with you, to listen to your comments while I also very freely expose my own feeling in this journey of self discovery and self-improvement. All great women and men had to go through different struggles in their own lives in order to become great and to be the best they could be. If you are reading this post today, let me tell you. You are not alone! they are many like you and me out there, real people who are struggling and persevering in their own lives. So don’t give up, keep up the good fights and remember that everything in life passes.


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