Softly I listen behind close doors that you are about to depart…

Terror creeps in at every cell of my young 5 year old being – my love, my life, my companion, my hope is about to leave and there is absolutely nothing I can do to hold on to her….

I am left alone, alone with all the demons, amongst dungeons of dark and ugly torture, I’m young, but I know what’s up ahead…. my very body shivers at the thought of what I know will come my way… I’m next in line, there is not turning back…

Three months to be precise.  I sat on that lonely chair waiting for her return but… she never came back. Night after night looking at the dark, cold night… hahahaha, that was the mocking laughter I received from the torturer head demon, while she said: “Give up your stupid girl, she will never ever come back, she does not love you, she has left you all ALONE….”

Blood, tears, pain, scary dark and dangerous nights, that is what had befallen me, month after month, year after year…

My angel was gone… gone for good… she was now but a distant memory….

Softly I hold on…

Softly I let go…

Softly I learn to be strong…

girl with flowers - painting -  from El-dorado the art gallery
El Dorado Gallery



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