Ride with the Tide

Ride with the Tide and Learn from the Water Flow

It was a dream? it was reality? I don’t know.

I was running, running fasf, running from myself

I pushed, pushed very hard but the door would’t open…

I tried even harder. This time with more force, I tried and

I tried, and I tried until I was gasping for air. But the door wouldn’t open.

I tried once more… Oh the pain! the pain made me look at my state! and there….

I saw it for the very first time. My poor hands bleeding with cuts, my forehead bloody and swore.

My whole body weary and bruised from the struggle. I looked up – clearly FOR THE FIRST TIME

And there! I saw it… it wasn’t a door. It was a wall, an impenetrable wall as high and strong as

the wall of China.

Oh! oh! oh! my poor old bones! my tired body! my weary soul! I felt pity for this ancient soul

I closed my eyes, tight  and hard, and then there it was.  A path… I walked and soon I found a door

Shaky and sweaty my hands trembling, I opened the door to my inner world.

And there it was! a single a boat in a wide blue sea, and there I was… standing still… looking at the

sky… letting my fears fly and in one moment, in one single moment I heart the voice…. Ride the Tide




When life strikes you with an awakening call it is wiser to yield to its voice. When faced with difficult decisions to make, open your heart and trust in the will of God. Everything happens for a reason. It is up to you to read the signs, to let go in order to be, to claim the right to be free. Ride with the tide in a peaceful boat of your own, seat still and let everything be.







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