Running with Horses

In the middle of the desert I met a very special man…

I was alone in my own world where magic and time has no domain, where

the stars shine bright in the middle of the ocean…


He said: run, run wild and free. Just be. He spoke an ancient language I could

not understand. He spoke tender and soft, like nectar from his lips, words danced from

his heart to mine – and in the middle of time,

suspended between present and infinity – I felt his embrace. I closed my eyes – emotions

too strong to bear – never felt this way – my eyes were closed, but I could still see him, I

could still feel him – feel him like

the desert warm wind, feel him like

the ocean running through my veins – feel him

in all my beingness


I opened my eyes very softly I saw a beautiful, majestic black horse looking

straight at me….

I looked at myself no longer a human being, but a beautiful strong brown horse.

Our eyes, oh our eyes! Spoke the language of love and freedom, of

strength  and tenderness…


And we both run side by side along the beach shore. At first softly, shy small steps but as

we let go of our fears we both started to run fast, fast and faster. Two wild horses running

with the wind,

happy to just be. There he was in the middle of the desert standing next to me.

He said: You are now free, now we can both be…




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