When Challenge Knocks Your Door…

Life is a Beautiful Journey of Surprises and Challenges – But How Do  you embrace it?

Every day comes to us packed with a matrix of opportunities and potential outcomes in accordance to the choices we make, and to the responses we give to events and circumstances in our lives.  Every change is an opportunity for growth and self-development. Changes are daunting and intimidating at first, but with each change comes the opportunity in disguise of reaching new levels of efficiency and self – knowledge. So how do we embrace change? how do we deal with the challenging situations in our lives? By opening the door when challenge knocks at it. In order to reach new levels in our lives it is necessary to step out of our comfort zone, to take a leap of faith, to go ahead and do what you have to do even though fear is steeping with you.  To evolve, means to change, to accept the challenges that life throws at us.

The important thing is to try, to go for that job you always wanted, to make that important phone call you have been postponing. Every journey starts with a small step so don’t hesitate to live your life to the fullest. The best way to embrace a new challenge in your life is to disconnect, to detach yourself from the outcome of a situation. To give you an example: if you have a job interview at the company of your dreams, it is normal to feel fear, to even doubt yourself (at first) but then what do you do? You prepare yourself to the best of your ability, you filled your mind with a positive mental picture in which you say to yourself  “I’m going to tray my best, and regardless of the outcome I will continue to love and accept myself unconditionally whiles learning from this experience.” think of all the skills people acquire when they dare to try something new and to reach out for their dreams. The point here is not whether you get the job, the audition or not, the point is that you challenge yourself – that you embark in the journey and while you traverse the road of uncertainty, the certainty of who you are and all that you can do erupts from the inner most depth of your being. Thus giving the security, confidence and self – assurance to try again, to change the strategy, to invent and above all- to live a full life free of regrets. So next time a change or a challenge knocks at your door. Don’t hide away, don’t ignore it. Instead run to that door and say to yourself  ” here I am ready to learn, to grow and to experience life.”

 life is a journey



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