My Love…

My Love… My love is tender and sweet as honey from a bee.

 My Love…  My love is strong and courageous as a rock.

My Love… My love inspires me, encourages me, and challenges me.

My Love… Makes me dream, makes me laugh, and makes me cry of joy.

My Love… Knows no distance, no barriers, no faults.

I heard of this type of love from ancient mystic tales of long gone and romance. I also heard about it in the beautiful lyrics of a song.

I read of this type of love from pages of books written by poets such as Shakespeare and many more.

I watched films about this about this type of love in wonderful films that linger in the memory and make the heart beat fast.

My love caused me to come alive when I was dead and cold as a stone. And with this awakening he has set free the passion within me. I can now breath – see and feel.

My love is as strong and profound as the ocean, as high as a mountain, as free as the wind, passionate like fire, and real as the earth beneath my feet. 




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