Today I started a new chapter in my life. I can see clearly my mistakes, the wrong turns I’ve taken and the outcome. But at the same time I’m hopeful, hopeful for the opportunity to start again, to correct my mistakes and to learn from them. I come to you today to share my imperfections as well as my scars. I cannot write of a wonderful perfect life because mine is not like that. I can’t sale to you a prefabricated happy version for you to follow, admire or envy, no. But what I can do, what I’m doing and will continue to do, is to write, to share with you my imperfect life – to find solutions to my problems instead of hiding from them, escaping from them or feeling sorry for myself.

I come to you today dear blog reader with an open heart, and an honest hand. With my open heart I can bare my hurts, my disappointments, my loss, and perhaps… my loneliness. But at the same time I come with my honest hand to inspire you (hopefully) to create with words hope and courage, a better today and a great tomorrow. With my honest hand I write from my heart to tell you that: Yes it is ok to not feel ok, because in the end when you reflect on why you are not ok, you will change, do something about it and be more than ok.


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