Dive In!

And Now a Few Words of Advice….

Dive Into the essence of your soul – Don’t look outside no-more!

Invent a new Song! Dance to the rhythm of your heart.

Never look back

Don’t regret in despair

Learn to lift your head high while your tears drop side to side

You are not alone – you have you a You are more than enough

God! cry If you want to cry! even if it brakes the sky!

shout if you want to shout don’t let your lungs be silenced out

Who cares for yesterdays when YOU have today!

Every day be your best

Don’t hate, forgive, let go and move on

Write your hurts and disappointments on the sand, let the waves wither them away

Write all your good moments, your triumphs and your achievements on the rock to remind you-  that you ARE strong

Tomorrow? let it arrive when it wants while today, you live your best self

Love? love will come –  love will go –  but true love will stay with you forever more

Be you, be happy, be childlike

Don’t ever stop learning, exploring, discovering, laughing or loving

Keep your eyes on the goal – look above, look ahead at the clouds, sing to the air while deeply rooted on the earth

Fly high baby, fly as high as the sky.







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