Magical Dust

Today I feel the heavens open up to let down a flow new possibilities all around me. I feel the colourful magic dust sprinkle all over my soul and I jump for joy. 

Today is a magnificent day not only because I feel this incredible peace and solace in my heart, but also because  I feel that I am walking in the right path.  



I first started this blog with the sole intention of sharing my journey of self discovery with you. For a while I stop writing and updating my every day journey but now it feels right to continue. I though that I needed/wanted a relationship, it turns out that no, all I want is to know myself to explore all those hidden doors that for so many years have been locked. I thank all my past relationships for allowing me to see the beauty of my own soul, for being teaches and mentors in my self development. The best way to be truly happy is to develop an amazing close relationship wit oneself, to take the necessary steps and time to stabilise whatever does not work in our life.  Self knowledge is that magic dust that helps us recognize all the beauty inside.


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