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YOU are your Best Investment – Look After Yourself

Today I want to talk about the most important person in your life –  YOU.  It is a fact of life that we are born alone and we will die alone.  In this journey called life the only person for certain that will constantly stay with you through out it is you! all other relationships are temporal, they come and go.


Women specially have a problem with letting go. We are taught from a young age to comply, to be kind, loving and supportive to others. And while there is nothing wrong with being kind, loving and supportive. The problem is that we are that to brothers, fathers, boyfriends, friends and even to our neighbours. But when it comes to ourselves, us women are the worse at looking after ourselves. We often go through the most ridiculous ordeals to find love in the wrong places. We go out with douchebags who do not offer us nothing but heart break, and who are only after one thing (you know what ladies) we listen to endless conversations from our best friend, but when we need to talk to her, she is to busy. We are TOO nice to people in general but very unkind to ourselves.

But realising that we are worth a lot more is the point of departure. When you wake up one morning and you say to yourself  “I’ve had enough! I deserve much more than this!” that is when change starts to happen. My lovely ladies and men as well, because this can also happen to kind and loving men as well,  make yourselves your number one priority in life. Yes you can still be loving and caring to your friends, family and to the man in your life but – when you realise you deserve the very best this life has to offer, then you will make sure to always invest in looking after yourself first. I know it is easier said than done. A good place to start is to create a personal profile where you highlight your best points, or the attributes you wish to possess. All you need to do is to get pen and paper, divide the page in two by drawing a line in the middle. On one side you will write ‘What I Wish to Change’ under this heading you can write everything you wish to change, for example: clingy, always say yes, negative, weak, etc. And on the other side you will write ‘How I wish to Be’ for example: Confident, positive, strong minded etc. After you do this, create the perfect personal profile for yourself and read it on a daily basis.

Another thing you can do is to spend more “me time” by going to the gym, practising yoga, going to the park and reading a good book, or doing what ever tickles your fancy. Don’t be afraid to explore or try new things . There are so many ways to love yourself that do not include someone else or a man. You can also use aromatherapy & holistic medicine, the things you smell can bring powerful emotional responses this is because the minute your brain is aware of a smell it sends the information direct to your emotional centre.

I hope these tips help towards getting you closer to yourself. If would like to me talk more about women issues or any other subject you are interested in, do let me know.

All the best to all my blog readers!!!


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