Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Reality is but a Myriad of Distortions, Interpretations & Perceptions.

What we think is real often stems from our fears, desires, and dreams. 1000060_591363884229356_946234652_n

We are disconnected from the actual reality.

We embrace the darkness of the ocean.

And yet we refuse to emerge to the surface.

Emerge to the light…

To the truth.

The truth can only be perceived if one has a clear conscious.

A conscious that lacks prejudice, subjective interpretation, and distortion.

Because that’s what it means to be enlightened.

To embrace reality for what it is, not for what we want it to be.

Our desires cannot possibly shape reality itself, they shape our perception of reality.

Our understanding of the world around us, the people, our relationships, and our feelings,

is often influenced by our past experiences and future endeavours and desires.

That’s why everyone has a different account of reality in general.

From quantum mechanics we understand that reality is determined only when a field of infinite realities has been measured. The measurement causes the infinite field to collapse to one reality.

Meaning that we live in a world where all possible realities exist at the minuscule world of sub-atomic particles. However, the macro world behaves differently. Even though we are made of these sub-atomic particles.

So what decides reality at the macroscopic level. How are we connected to everyone else. Does our measurement and our perception of reality affect other people’s reality. Do these measurements ever clash with each other. What is it that drives the macro world. What is it that determines our understanding of ourselves, of others, and our environment.





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