This quote by Carl Jung is truly beautiful. No matter what happens in your life, you CAN overcome it. It is often the people who suffer the most, who become more successful, happy, and more human. They are able to relate more to others on a deeper level and to understand human suffering. I truly admire all those people who have gone through hell and back, yet – they have chosen not to let the setbacks  define them in any way. But have used those negative experiences to help them become better human beings. Don’t let anything or anyone define you. Even the most horrible of experiences can serve as the fuel to do something beautiful with your life, to serve humanity in a better way and to love yourself no matter what.

Before you seek love and acceptance outside yourself, don’t waste your precious time and energy, start by loving and accepting yourself unconditionally first, and foremost. The most important opinion is your own. How you view yourself is primary to happiness. It does no matter how others see you or perceive you because what they see is what they want to see, which will always be preconditioned by their own subjective view of life and how they feel about themselves. Love yourself and the rest follows accordingly. Learn from your mistakes but don’t beat yourself up about them, mistakes pave the way to success and perfection.

No-one, ABSOLUTELY no-one can hurt you, without your permission. Don’t let other people’s insecurities define your life. Forgive, love and move on. Your life is like a canvas, life and the many and varied experiences you face in your life are the colours – but how you paint your master piece – is – entirely up to you. Make YOU and YOUR life your best work of art. You CAN!


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