Formats, Formats, Formats

Hello Guys!

I know I have been gone for a while, and believe you me I really missed writing on my blog 🙂 ok, I have an issue with formats, not only do I find them dead boring and constraining, but also totally unnecessary for the most part. The way I see it,  is that you should make your own rules and break those that don’t fit in with you. Of course I am not talking about doing illegal things here at all! what  I am referring to is the realisation that for the most part we are born free. However, society family and friends wish us to conform to a mould that I have no idea who invented it in the first place.

I am a happy rebel who chooses to live her live in accordance with my inner compass, and as far as I’m concerned every one should do the same if they so wish to. We should not succumb to peer pressure or go with the mainstream society flow (unless we want to of course) just because it is “the norm” hell  no!!! no one has the right to tell YOU or ME what the norm is. 

So I say, paint your own canvas with the colours of your choice, draw your own parameters as your heart directs, seek to please & believe in yourself before you try to please or believe in others. We only have one life! make the most of it by leading the life you wish to live in accordance with who you are. There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than to lead the life YOU wish to live. So go ahead, step out of your comfort zone and shoot for the stars!



Happy Living Everyone!!! :-)))


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