On Cleaning THE Room

Dear readers it has been a very interesting past few days, a lot of changes are taking place in my life at the moment. It seemed only fit that I would also give my whole house a good spring cleaning, starting with THE room. That special room is my bedroom where I house all my dreams and desires. Is funny how we tend to avoid through so many different ways, doing what we know we should do.

Cleaning my house is like cleaning my soul. I have to do a lot of de cluttering while I’m choosing what goes where, what’s worth keeping, what I should throw away or sale on Amazon or eBay, I reflect on my life choices. As I clean my room I feel like a lot of of my life is being sort it out along with my shoes, bags and jumpers. It may sound ridiculous but to me spring cleaning is a form of therapy. It feels like I’m preparing the foreground for some serious work. I am building from the inside out. There are tanks of things to be placed in the correct place in my life and starting with my room seems like the perfect place.download

My plan is to make my house sparkling clean, get of what I don’t longer need and create a pleasant space where I can work, write and meditate. After I achieve this goal I can then focus of building a discipline structure that works with my hedonist and free spirit disposition. My new schedule, which I will post after it is written, will consist of a carefully planned format which will target my mind, body, spirit and passion which is writing.

I think this is all I want to share for now. Thanks for  reading and for being part of my journey.


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