Women Free

I was asked by a friend to write about women and freedom. Now this is a particular and interesting subject because freedom is not gender prescribed but it is or ought to be a human right regardless of gender, religion or race. Freedom is such a beautiful and empowering word. The reality is that as women we need to find our own freedom and that my dear friends is not found in your looks, your bank account or how many admires you have. The only place you can find true freedom is within yourself. You don’t need the validation on men, family or friends! you need to validate yourself in your own rights. Our need to please, to be liked and accept it, robe us of our freedom to be, yes! to just be unapologetic YOU. Next time you find yourself seeking validation from without remember: I am the master of my own destiny.

 We must grow tall… Take a leap of faith and find our very own Journey…

As Women we must carry our own torch and illuminate our own path instead of waiting for someone else to illuminate it for us…

Enjoy yourself! Enjoy your life! Enjoy being you!

Enjoy being a Free Woman!
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