On a Warrior’s Face.

What you see are the scars of all my battles, I wear them with pride because they helped me to become who I am.

You see these arms? the same arms that lifted the ones that were down, those who  had no -one to help them, the very arms that have been a shelter from my own loneliness and fears.

You are perfect? I am not, I have made many errors and cried many tears. I have tanks of letters that I never send, but in each I  gave a tear away.

I am a woman, a warrior, a princess and a lover. Someone who will stand up 10 times if pushed 8, someone who will console those who cry, someone who will always have a positive word even though she is all alone.

I am not afraid, why should I be? I have me. Next time you see me, or a woman like me, realise we have been, are and will be, warriors with  faces  that will not hide their scars away, but wear them proudly because they emerge the tenets of  our souls.



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