The Power of Cooperation.

We need to strive for the synergy power of cooperation. In order to co-create we need to understand the power of collaboration. We live in a world that is competitive, yes, however every enterprise requires the work of a team. Whether you are making a film, writing a book, constructing a building or dealing with a business transaction, you need a team of people to back up your efforts, and help your dream become a reality. When you are a team player, you are not egotistically thinking of shining, or in being the best. Rather, you should be looking to do a magnificent job, in order to contribute to a masterpiece. Your efforts, hard work and attention to detail, will speak on your behalf. Remember, ‘how you do anything, is how you do everything.’ Our capacity to focus whole-heartedly in a task, and to deliver excellence even in the minutest detail, will guarantee that we shine and become an  important asset to any company, team or project.  If we focus on doing things right, we will always succeed. It is not what we do that matters; but how efficiently we do it. Sir Henry Royce rightly said: “Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.”

There is an immense power in cooperation. On having, as Franklin Covey suggests in his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, a win-win approach. When you want the other party to win as you win yourself, you create opportunities, you tap into the law of abundance, as you make sure you give as well as receive. Our approach to life determines our success or our failure. Adopting a philosophy of cooperation will ensure that you live an admirable life of abundance, thus leaving behind an honourable  legacy to be proud of.

Next time you catch yourself just taking, or doing things in an egotistical way. Stop and ask yourself: ‘Is this the person I wish to become? Would I like to work with someone like me? Life offers us, an opportunity to craft our destiny on a daily basis, through the decisions and actions that we take. It is useless to expect others to change, the right approach is to be a force of change ourselves, to be part of something bigger, grandeur – to look at ourselves in the mirror and see someone you feel proud of. Someone others would love to work with and follow, because of the positive impact you have made, not only in your work but also in people. A wonderful woman and thinker, writer and poet Maya Angelou who recently passed away, reminds us through her writing that “People will forget what you saidPeople will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Life is a journey make it the best one, and remember to respect your fellow passengers and to leave something positive behind for posterity. download



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