6 Months.

Six Months and Counting. What Tremendous Changes are Taking Place in My Life.

The last time I wrote a blog post was back in December 2014. Since then my life has taken unexpected shifts at so many levels. I have seen myself struggle, cry, persevere, grow and consistently work day in and day out to recuperate my entire life.

Since December 2014 I have been changing my life spiritually,  physically and mentally. My emotions have gone on a roller-coaster of discovery; sometimes reaching the depths of Hades, other times reaching the heights of the third heaven. Every day has been a learning curve, it has taken every bit of my being to remain sane and functional.  Nonetheless, quite sane and incredibly functional I am at the moment, and I know it is only the beginning. I have learn so much! volumes of knowledge and wisdom as the library of Alexandria.

Today I am 2569 years old with the body and organs of an 18 year old. Life continues and it is filled  with wonderful opportunities, all up for grabs. LibraryofAlexandria


6 thoughts on “6 Months.

  1. Very good post ! Out with the old and in with the New and we can all Apply your insightful thoughts to our own life’s . Great blog

  2. This is truly beautiful. Your post is very inspiring to me. I’m going through the same ordeal and I can tell you every word written here resembles and reflects my own feelings. Please continue on your journey of greatness. Souls from the past are sometimes resurrected in the future in better shapes.

    1. thanks for the feedback Mark, it’s wonderful to be able to connect and understand that we are all going through massive changes, and as old souls in this journey of life, it can be challenging to stay on course. All the best!

  3. Hi, this is Megan from the Zombie in a room experience…. glad I managed to find your blog, and looking forward to reading it xxx

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