The Shadow Self

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ― C.G. JungReflection-210x300







The moment you start looking inside yourself life begins to make perfect sense. We are not competing or fighting with other, our biggest battle is with ourselves. Once we learn to look at our own reflection and accept all the parts of ourselves a new relationship with ourselves begins. Your validation as a human being should never depend on outside forces. On the car you drive to make you feel better, on the clothes you were to improve your self-esteem, in the job you have to make you feel important. None of this is important, the most important validation comes from within. From knowing who you are, from making peace with the past and learning from your experiences, thus obtaining more wisdom, acceptance of self and peace within.

imagesWhen your learn to truly love yourself for who you are, a wonderful journey begins, a journey that lasts a whole life time – until your last breath on this earth. The minute you begin to detach from all the material things, as well as outside acceptance and status; that’s the moment you become free. Embrace your shadow self, allow it to teach you the parts of yourself that need improvement or acceptance. Learn to know yourself and to embrace your uniqueness and individuality. Only then , can you really have an honest life. Everything will have more meaning and beauty.



You hold the key to open the gates of your own heart. You alone are the keeper of your soul. You have been blessed with divine liberty to choose your life, to become the creator of your own earth. There is a universe waiting to be explored within yourself, have the courage to walk through those gates and explore the city within. It is a magical journey and I wish you a happy life of this plane.


In The Middle of the Night….

So often we toss and turn in our beds in the middle of the nigh,t it’s like instead of falling sleep and resting our bodies, we think of all the existential questions that battle our daily lives.  It is at night, when no one is around, when we are alone with our thoughts that the internal questioning starts. But why do we do this? why do we engage in a mental conversation with ourselves about all kinds of issues? there are many reasons, but the one that comes to mind is our inability to be present in the moment, to respond in real time to people or situations that upset us or unsettle us.

You will be surprise to know that so many people engage in this personal mental battle at night. It is of profound importance to keep our minds free from mental clutter. Thoughts have a powerful vibration, they are energy and whether you believe it or not they influence our material life. Have you ever heard the phase “you are what you think”? it could not be more true. Whatever you think, that you become. The outside noise of others cannot unsettle you if your thoughts about yourself  & your life remain positive and constructive. The best way to avoid sleepless nights and mental torment is to keep a diary in which you can input everything you feel from the bad to the ugly and the good. In this dairy you can annotate your moods and what makes them shift. By doing this you will be able to not only to monitor your daily performance, but also to think of ways to improve yourself.

In the middle of the night you should be sound sleep relegating the day’s outcomes (both positive & negative) to your note book. In that way you free your mind to have a restful sleep without ignoring the day’s outcome. Another good tip is to also get into the habit of emptying your mind of clutter as you wake up. From dreams to nightmares to moods relating to the weather it is wise and proficient to write on your notebook as soon as you wake up.

I will be interested in finding out how you felt after you applied  the notebook method. Please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know how it worked for you. Because we are all in the journey of life and every little helps.

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All the best my dear readers!

Tainted Glass….

I take a peek out of my tainted glasses – and I see your beautiful blue eyes smiling back at me

A shy smile, a fearful smile and then it disappears again…

I seat at the sea shore, I close my eyes and I see your beautiful brown eyes, they glitter in the sky and remind me that you are mine…

I walk in the forest, my hands touch the roses  and  your beautiful green eyes follow me right behind…

Tonight the moon and the stars danced under the sun







Going Down Memory Lane: London

This morning as I was going through my computer files and I found lots of pictures that inspired me to take a trip down memory lane. Looking at those pictures, I was instantly infused with positivity and a good feeling reminiscent of those moments lived.

The following pictures where taken at my flat in London. My friend Jin Wai cooked dinner for me, and we both sat happily talking about life and enjoying good healthy food before heading to the West End to watch the play ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ at Covent Garden.

This is my lovely friend Jin Wai who cooked a delicious vegetarian Chilli con Carne and also the succulent raspberry and white vine jelly.

This is me, I have such a theatrical spirit so I dressed as a mixture of  French/ American  Blanche and Chinese Lady.

And this is us two just before leaving the house to watch the play.

After the play, which we really enjoyed by the way, we headed towards Southbank. It is such a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the scene nary. Strolling by the side of the Thames river we came across various street performers who in their effort to entertain were dressed in a very creative and comical way.

              “When I was Happy and I didn’t know it…”

Our happiest memories tend to be of those years or moments when we were fully emerged in the fabric of life, no worrying about the future but making the most of today. This trip down memory lane has helped me personally to see the beauty of life. The moments, people and places that make life a better place. I would suggest (if you wish of course) you look at your old pictures of yourself, or past birthday or trips and see the YOU of that moment an the YOU of today. You’ll be surprised at the founding and the wave of emotions and inspiration these memories will bring.  Those pictures were taken three days before my trip to New York – and so my next post down memory lane will take back to my trip to New York which I will share with you.

Happy Living!!!!

And How to Begin the Journey?

The Journey of Self – Discovery

Where to Start? 

Well, first of all you need to understand your starting point. Your current state. In order to do that you will need: pen, paper, a pad and colour pens. On a page you can write your current state for example:

– Single

– 25 years old

– graduate/unemployed

Drawing by Anka Zhuravleva

Note down three to four points describing your current state. You simply write it on a piece of paper being as honest as you can be, remember, only you will be seeing this – is your journey of self – improvement!

After, take the colour pens and pad (which ever size you fancy) and separate the different areas in which you wish to change, you’ll need to include the AREA of work, and the current state of that area. Example:


It is quite bad at the moment, I need to lose weight and go down to 48 kilos (be specific as to the outcome you hope to achieve)


Awful, I need to become stronger, more grounded within myself. I want to stop feeling depressed, down or lonely. I want to stop feeling stressed and instead feel calm, at peace with myself and in control of my life.


IT is bad because I don’t have a job and my income needs to improve. I would like to get a full/part time job in this particular area.

Well the list can be as small or as long as you need it to be. The idea is that  you acknowledge the area you wish to improve, and realise how bad it is.

How to Improve these areas?

After you clearly know what you wish to improve and how much you need to improve that area of your life, the second stage is to work out a concrete plan of action. Example:


  • Wake up every day at 7:oo have a healthy breakfast (you can even do a menu for each day to make sure you stick to it).
  • Go to the gym for half an hour or and hour, go to jogging to the park, go swimming, or engaging in what ever type of exercise you enjoy and can afford.
  • Practise yoga daily.

So in every area, write down a plan of action and don’t forget to have a deadline or time frame to make your outcome more realistic. For example, I plan to lose weight by this date. I hope this helps. I know it’s a very basic and a rough guide, but it can serve as a starting point to move forward. We all want to enjoy happy and healthy lives, and the good news is that most of the areas in our lives that we want to improve are within our range of power. So go ahead and take your life to another level. It pleases me to share this with you because I am going through various changes in my life and I believe that each and everyone of us can improve the quality of our lives and relationships.

Picture by Anka Zhuravleca

Happy Journey!!!    


My limbs don’t feel like my own any more, I seem to have fallen into a dark abyss from which there is no return. I remember that Sunday evening rushing through the woods, that’s all I remember…When I woke up, I was already gone, me, the me that I once knew didn’t exist any more. I became this inanimate thing that has blood running through its veins but – not heart, no feelings, no memories.

Last night I tried to climb up the wall that divides this world and yours. But it was to no avail. I can’t reach you any longer, you are my only and last memory. The only one that can help me to find my way back. Wake up please, wake up before is too late.

It is almost time….I must go….                    

Solar Radiation: A change in Our Human Energy

Massive X6.9 class solar flare, August 9, 2011...
Image via Wikipedia

Change – Energy- Solar      Radiation 

What changes this solar radiation storm will bring to the earth energetic field is an interesting question? the eruption of a moderate solar flare at the centre of the Sun has unleashed a tremendous radiation storm. Radiation in the form of solar protons has been descending on the Earth from Sunday and is likely to continue until Wednesday. The storm could have disruptions to airline flights, oil operations and  space satellites. Dr Terry Onsager, from the NOAA’s American Space Weather  Prediction Centre in Colorado said ” That the energy causes the Earth’s magnetic field to fluctuate, is like a big battering ram that pushes into the Earth’s Magnetic field.” What implications in terms of our health and the environment in general this storm will have – no one really knows. Some say it could give special powers to some.

Do we really need a change in energy? my answer is, we most certainly do. Living in a world where greed, vanity, ignorance and selfishness has spread a horrendous seed we definitely need a change. Unfortunately what most of us fail to acknowledge is that we are active agents in what happens in our lives, our homes, our work and our society. Until we raise up to the challenge of a new energy of change we will continue to see the earth being polluted, destroyed and consumed, we will continue to see hunger, injustice and atrocities committed on all the continents of our mother earth. WE need to change, change starts with the individual and it is then spreads along the universe.

Let us spread the earth not with solar protons but with the energy of aware, emancipated individuals who are willing to make a change. If we look at the state of society from whatever vantage point it all calls for a change from the education system, to the economic system,  a change is needed. Genuine, courageous, loving, peaceful and positive energy is needed.

Change starts with me and you. Our energy is far more powerful than anything we can image. Let us wake up and assume the challenge as agents of positive change for our lives, our families, our societies and the world in general.